There is nothing Joe wouldn't do for his wife. But as they try to save their marriage with a romantic getaway, things go from bad to worse, and from worse... to insanity. In this tale of love, madness and murder Joe will prove what kind of man he is. But what kind of man is he exactly? A loving husband? A cold realist? A bitter skeptic?
— Game's Description

Developer(s) Harvester Games
Publisher(s) Screen 7
Release(s) February 14th, 2016

February 15th, 2016 (Steam)

Writer(s) R. Michalski
Engine Adventure Game Studio
Genre Adventure Horror

Downfall is a remake of the original Downfall from 2009, being both a remake and a new game in a style similar to The Cat Lady. In it, you control Joe Davis through his journey for redemption.

Development Edit

Development began after Remigiusz Michalski realized the original Downfall couldn't be ported to Steam due to the original source code being corrupted. This also gave him the opportunity to make a much more polished version of Downfall that would be more appropriate in comparison to The Cat Lady and Lorelai.

Gallery Edit

Main Article: Downfall/Gallery

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