"In this tale of love, madness and murder - Joe will prove what kind of man he is. But what kind of man is he exactly? A loving husband? A cold realist? A bitter skeptic? That is something you will decide, as you join him on his journey for redemption..."
— Game's Description
Developer(s) Harvester Games
Publisher(s) Screen 7
Release(s) February 14th, 2016
(Most Platforms)

February 15th, 2016

Writer(s) Remigiusz Michalski
Engine Adventure Game Studio
Genre Adventure Horror

Downfall is a story-driven horror adventure game developed by Remigiusz Michalski under his solo indie video game studio Harvester Games, released on February 14th, 2016 for most platforms and February 15th, 2016 for Steam.

It is based on and follows a similar plotline to Remigiusz Michalski's original game Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game, released in 2009, and is meant to bring a more accurate adaption of the events from Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game to the "Devil Came Through Here Trilogy."

Synopsis Edit

In Downfall, you play Joe Davis, a mentally broken man trying to seek his own redemption. After escaping to the Quiet Haven Hotel with his wife Ivy Davis to try to save their marriage, Ivy disappears, and the only way to find out where she went is through the enigmatic Manageress of the hotel and four women named Sophie.

Development Edit

After production of The Cat Lady, Michalski began work on Lorelai. However, he was finding its original direction to be unsatisfying to develop and the engine (AGS) under-performing for his vision. Lovegrove asked Michalski to consider remaking Downfall in the interim as they had discovered the original Downfall: A Horror Adventure Game couldn't be ported to Steam due to the original source code being corrupted but lots of players of The Cat Lady wanted a Steam copy. This gave him the opportunity to make a much more polished version of Downfall that would be more appropriate in comparison to The Cat Lady and Lorelai, whilst allowing himself time to further develop the story for Lorelai in the background. Once Downfall was completed, Michalski decided to continue Lorelai with the Unity engine. This would mark Downfall as the third and final game produced by Michalski using Adventure Game Studio.

Characters Edit

  • Joe Davis
    • The protagonist and the character the player controls for most of the game, husband of Ivy Davis and brother of Robbie Davis.
  • Ivy Davis
    • The deuteragonist of Downfall and the wife of Joe Davis, she appears to have an eating disorder, with evidence pointing towards it being anorexia.
  • Dr. Frank Zellman
    • Joe's psychiatrist, his "hobby" is unraveling the mysteries of the human body. He appears in Quiet Haven Hotel in order to help Joe.
  • Manageress
    • The enigmatic manager of Quiet Haven Hotel. Real name unknown, she most likely exist only in Joe's mind and is the personification of the ideal woman, including undesirable qualities.
  • Sophie
    • Most likely also a personification in Joe's mind, she appears to not only have extreme versions of Ivy's characteristics. Four different versions of her in her life appear in the hotel, called "memories."

Gallery Edit

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