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There are three endings in Downfall, which can be achieved by getting a certain number of skulls.

Normal Ending: On The Run Edit

Skulls Required: 1-26/27

Golden Ending: The Impossible Edit

Skulls Required: 27/27

Golden Ending Golden Ending
You achieved the full, good ending.

Downfall Ending: The Sixth Parasite Edit

Skulls Required: 0/27

Downfall Ending Downfall
You achieved the full, bad ending.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Downfall, an investigator named Billy Hookway investigated Joe's apartment in the ending instead of Susan in the remake. However, Billy Hookway - now simply called Bill Hookway - appears at the end of the game as the author of an article about the events at the apartment building on Helen Road.

Gallery Edit

Newspaper clippings Edit

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