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There are three endings in Downfall. Each respective ending can be achieved by getting a certain number of skulls.

Normal Ending: On The Run Edit

Skulls Required: 1-26/27

Golden Ending: The Impossible Edit

Skulls Required: 27/27

Downfall Ending: The Sixth Parasite Edit

Skulls Required: 0/27

Related Achievements Edit

Auto-Saviour Auto-Saviour
You finished the game without using auto-save.
Hardcore Hardcore
You achieved Downfall or Golden Ending without using tendency hints.
Downfall Ending Downfall
You achieved the full, bad ending.
Golden Ending Golden Ending
You achieved the full, good ending.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game, an investigator named Billy Hookway investigated Joe's apartment in the ending, rather than Susan Ashworth. However, Billy Hookway - now simply named Bill Hookway - appears at the end of the game as the author of an article about the events on Helen Road.
  • Mitzi's appearance, or lack thereof in the case of the Downfall Ending, may be a continuation of each possible ending in The Cat Lady. This also means that Downfall takes place after Chapter 7 of The Cat Lady, but before the ending where Susan is writing a blogpost. Evidence of this is that during the ending Susan never brings up the apartment, meaning that the ending likely takes place long after the apartment was burnt down, so there's no reason for her to bring it up in the blogpost she's writing.
    • Mitzi not appearing in the Downfall Ending indicates the endings where Susan either let Mitzi die just so she could survive (a needless death as Susan is immortal) or let Mitzi kill herself out of spite just so she could kill Adam, a choice Susan clearly didn't want Mitzi to make and something that Mitzi likely would've regretted if she could recollect on her decision in death.
    • Mitzi appearing in the Normal Ending and Golden Endings indicates that Susan convinced Mitzi to wear the gas mask and not give Adam the satisfaction of killing herself just to kill him, and as such in the former Mitzi would later succumb to her cancer long after the events of Downfall, or in the case of the latter she would miraculously survive her cancer and keep living. Either ending would keep Susan from becoming jaded and turning into the parasite seen in the Downfall Ending.

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