Dr. Frank Zellman
Sex Male
Age 40's (presumed)
Nationality German
Status Deceased
Nicknames Doctor Z
Voice Actor David Firth

Dr. Frank Zellman, also known as Doctor Z, is a character who appears in Downfall. In reality, he is the brother of Xavier Zellman and Yvonne Zellman and the psychiatrist of Joe Davis. However, in Quiet Haven, he attempts helping Joe by trying to revive Agnes, someone who he says is very important to stopping what's going on.

Background Edit

Story Edit

Downfall Edit

The Cat LadyEdit

Doctor Z is briefly mentioned in The Cat Lady in a letter to Joe where he tries asking Joe why he hasn't been coming to his checkups recently. In Downfall, this letter seems to instead just contain a key and a 5 pound note. That is one heavy note...

Related Achievements Edit

Full Of Crap Full Of Crap
You made Doctor Z really angry.
Just Do It Just Do It
You were given a motivational speech.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Xavier Zellman, his brother, uses the initial of his first name for his physician name, Doctor Z uses the initial of his last name instead of his first. This could imply that Doctor Z is the older brother, or he doesn't like Doctor F.
  • In The Cat Lady, the last name for the Zellman family is instead "Zelmann", with Dr. X's full name being Dr. Xavier Zelmann, and Dr. Z's name being Dr. Frank Zelmann. This is either another cause of Joe's detachment to reality, or because The Cat Lady was originally trying to follow the original 2009 version of Downfall, where it was spelled Zelmann. Whatever the case may be, Zellman will be the spelling used by the wiki.

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