"What is happening to me, Joe? I know something's been wrong for a long time but... I used to be able to control it. And now... I don't even know who I am anymore."
— Ivy Davis
Ivy Davis
Sex Female
Age 29
Nationality Swedish
Status Unknown
Nicknames "Ives"
Voice Actor Isa And

Ivy Davis is the wife of Joe Davis and one of the main characters of Downfall. She also appears as a minor character in the game The Cat Lady.


Ivy is a young, emotional woman who is a victim of an eating disorder. Despite the fights she has with her husband, Joe and his treatment towards her, she still loves him. She also owned a cat named Lucifer, however Joe may have accidentally killed him by trapping him in a furnace.


Related Achievements Edit

Asshole Asshole
You were really mean to Ivy.
Ivy's Letter 1 Part One
You read Part One of the letter.
Ivy's Letter 2 Part Two
You read Part Two of the letter.
Ivy's Letter 3 The Final Part
You read the third and Final Part of the letter.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Ivy's voice actress is Isa And, who is a YouTuber known as Chisaleya.
  • Young Ivy is voiced by Tina Beaudry.
    • Tina Beaudry also voiced Agnes.

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