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Ivy Davis
Sex Female
Age Late 20's to Early 30's
Status Unknown
Nicknames "Ives" "My love"
Voice Actor Remigiusz Michalski

Ivy Davis appears in The Cat Lady as a minor character.

Description Edit

Ivy, from what Susan says, is a quiet, friendly and very thin, even skeleton-like woman, and seems to have relationship problems with her husband, Joe Davis. She lives in flat 5, the flat across from Susan. She also owns a cat named Lucifer, although it's most likely that this cat was killed and mutilated, pinned to the wall behind the curtain, as shown in Downfall.

She is then shown in the Quiet Haven Hotel reality to literally be a skeleton-like monster, revealed when the mirrors face her and the monster's face is shown in all of them.

Ivy is then shown at the end of the game to have been tortured and overfed by Joe, making her very obese and possibly dead.

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