Joe Davis
Sex Male
Age 20s/30s
Nationality American
Status Alive
Nicknames "(My) American Boy"
"The Sixth Parasite"
Relations Ivy Davis (Wife)
Robbie Davis (Brother)
Mr. Davis (Father)
Mrs. Davis (Mother)
Voice Actor Jesse Gunn

Joe Davis is the husband of Ivy Davis and the main character of Downfall. He also appears as a minor character in the game The Cat Lady

Background Edit

Before the events of Downfall, Joe lived in Seattle, Washington with his parents and younger brother, Robbie, until moving to the United Kingdom because of his father's job. There, Joe met Ivy in front of a cafe whom he quickly became acquainted with before the two witnessed the accidental death of Robbie. Being the favorite child, Robbie's death prompted Joe's mother to commit suicide and his father to blame Joe for both tragedies, resulting in Joe becoming mentally disturbed.

Joe and Ivy later met again in their 20's and neither talked about his brother's accidental death. They fell in love and married soon after, adopting a cat named Lucifer along the way from Susan, their next-door neighbor. Ivy suffered from eating disorders and severe self-consciousness, causing their marriage to quickly deteriorate. In an attempt to repair their relationship, Joe took Ivy to a small, country-side hotel called Quiet Haven where the events of Downfall take place.

Story Edit

Downfall Edit

The Cat Lady Edit

In The Cat Lady, Joe's first encounter is in Chapter 6 when he finds Susan in his apartment after she had broken in. Filled with rage and despair, he accuses Susan of ruining "everything" before proceeding to chase her, causing Susan to trip and fall through a hole in the floor; falling into the empty flat previously owned by the Morrisons below.

Joe then reappears in Susan's hallucination of the Quiet Haven Hotel where he is rather uncharacteristically calm and friendly, albeit nervous. He tells Susan that he will show her how to return back to reality if she convinces his wife to come out of her room, who has apparently been in there for months.

After Susan reveals Ivy's face through the reflections in the mirrors, Ivy begins to laugh maniacally, prompting Joe to investigate. To his dismay, Joe finds "the monster" instead of his wife sitting in the chair. He begins to shout at Susan, telling her to strangle the creature.

If she follows his request, Joe will watch Susan use an extension cord to strangle the monster. However, if she denies, he will tell her that she was "one of them" all along and is better off dead, before proceeding to shoot her.

Joe makes a final appearance at the very end of Chapter 6. He is hiding behind a freshly paved wall in the building's basement with his tormented wife, assuring her everything will be fine before she begins screaming in agony.

Dialogue Edit

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Related Achievements Edit

Bad Kitty Bad Kitty
The cat ran away from Young Joe.
Meet Joe Davis Meet Joe Davis
You completed the tutorial.
Noises She Makes In Their Bed Noises She Makes In Their Bed
Joe plays a tune on the piano.

Trivia Edit

  • Joe is voiced by Jesse Gunn. Young Joe is voiced by Adam Rosenbaum.
  • He doesn't have breakfasts, instead he'd rather have a glass of Martini in the morning.
  • As shown in Downfall he's also a talented pianist.

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