Lorelai is a game in development by Harvester Games. It was originally announced on Tumblr by Remigiusz Michalski with an image, and then later featured on the Screen 7 website with another teaser image.



"'Lorelai will never forget that dayThe little she had, it was taken away. 
Her whole world disintegrated. She never really had a chance... 
But Lorelai refused to give up. 
She will fight. And even death won't stop her from getting it all back

The game that would become Lorelai started development sometime after The Cat Lady's release. At first, the game was called Let's Play Dead, and was revealed via a screenshot of the game with the game's name in an interview with Remigiusz. This screenshot would later appear on the Screen 7 website under the name Lorelai before the website was recreated.

After the release of Downfall, Remigiusz has stated that one of his reasons for putting Lorelai on hold to pursue Downfall was because he was unsure of the direction it was taking and unsatisfied with how it was turning out. The completion of Downfall gave him new ideas however, and he started making the game again from scratch.

While Remigiusz had initially stated he would continue to use the Adventure Game Engine for Lorelai, only switching to Unity which he has been experimenting in for future games, to make Lorlai fit in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy, he ultimately decided that the differences that would be caused by switching to a new engine weren't important enough and decided to use Unity to make the game. This can be seen in the first teaser video for Lorelai, the most notable effects being a consistent 60 frames per second and buttons that look like Xbox button being used for the controls.