Characters who have minor appearances or references in Downfall.

Mitzi Hunt Edit

Mitzi Hunt appears at the end of Downfall in the Normal Ending and the Golden Ending, having survived her cancer from The Cat Lady. Her appearance in both endings is mostly the same, with her coming to check up on Susan Ashworth after Susan has knocked out Joe Davis.

In the Downfall Ending, Mitzi appears to have succumbed to her cancer as she is never seen. However she does have a couple minor references with Susan using her laptop and a photo of her appearing on a 'trophy case' along with other trophies Susan has collected.

She is a major character in the previous game The Cat Lady.

Xavier Zellman Edit

Xavier Zellman, also known as Doctor X, is Frank Zellman's brother; as mentioned by Doctor Z if Joe asks him if he's really a doctor.

While Doctor X doesn't make an appearance in Downfall, he appears in The Cat Lady as Susan's psychiatrist and the first parasite Susan has to kill. This is referenced in the Downfall Ending, where the hand-crafted baby mace Susan used to kill Doctor X in The Cat Lady is seen on Susan's trophy case.

Mr. Davis & Mrs. Davis Edit

Mr. Davis & Mrs. Davis are the unnamed parents of Joe Davis and Robbie Davis. Not much is known about them except for the fact that the Davis family originally lived in Seattle, Washington until Mr. Davis got a job offer in England, causing the Davis family to move there.

After Robbie's death, Mrs. Davis was distraught by the news and committed suicide by slitting her wrist. Her body was later found on the couch by Joe and his father. After her death, Mr. Davis outright hated Joe, blaming everything on him. Mr. Davis died years later, although the cause for his death is unknown. After his death, the apartment on Helen Road was inherited by Joe.

Dinner Guests Edit

The Dinner Guests are a group of human corpses wearing animal masks, they appear in the dining room when the player talks to the Manageress and disappear afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • Mitzi is voiced by Brittany Williams. Brady is voiced by Alan Humphries.
  • The photo of Mitzi that appears on Susan's trophy case is from Mitzi's Steam wallpaper for The Cat Lady.
  • In the original Downfall, Mrs. Davis' first name is mentioned as Mary by Mr. Davis. In the remake, however, no name is dropped at all for either of them.

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