Warning Section
Robbie Davis
Sex Male
Age Pre/early-teens
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Relations Joe Davis (Brother)
Mary Davis (Mother)
An Unnamed Father
Voice Actor Ethan Rosenbaum

Robbie Davis is a prominent minor character in Downfall. He is the late younger brother of Joe Davis.

Personality Edit

In his youth, Robbie was described to be a happy child, "always smiling," according to his father. It is apparent from his role in Downfall that he might be over imaginative as he was led to believe he would find his fortune in money based on false information from a friend. Persistent, careless, and perhaps mildly greedy can also be used to describe Robbie when he refused to call the police during imminent danger for the sake of possibly making a profit.

History Edit

Robbie plays a significant role in the outcome of Joe's life. During their childhood, the two brothers moved to the United Kingdom with their parents due to their father's work.

Beginning Joe's adventure in Downfall, Robbie tells Joe of a suitcase full of money in an abandoned construction site on Helen Road. He heard this information from a friend who believes his uncle was in the mafia and that the money on site is part of a discrete drug deal. Joe brushes off the idea and they part ways, Robbie investigating the location of the alleged rumor.

When Robbie returns with the location of the money, he is acquainted with Ivy whom Joe befriended. Robbie requests the help of Joe to move a heavy concrete slab, much to Joe's continued disbelief, but Ivy finds intrigue in the idea and convinces Joe to give Robbie the benefit of a doubt. When they arrive at the site, Joe uses a iron bar to pry open the slab only to find a crate of grenades. Joe commands the other two to step away, Ivy suggesting informing the police, but Robbie decides that that won't end his search for fortune. Figuring he might sell them, Robbie picks up a grenade after Joe and Ivy leave the immediate area, but the grenade tragically manages to slip from his grasp, the impact from hitting the ground causing it to explode and taking Robbie's life.

After Joe and Ivy married, Joe briefly mentions that he and his wife never mentioned Robbie, but after Joe began mentally deteriorating, a hallucination of Robbie appeared before Joe when he failed to save Ivy to tell him that the unfortunate mishaps were not his fault, likely alluding to the fact that their mother killed herself out of grief from Robbie's death and their father blaming Joe for both tragedies.

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