This page will be continously updated, please check here everytime you log into the wiki to see if there is anything new.

General Rules

  • The talk page is not a social media comments section. It is for possible questions or topics concerning what the page is about or the page itself. Threads that consist of "Joe Davis is a cool guy." will not be tolerated.
  • Do not vandalize anything on the Wiki - articles, profiles, or otherwise. Vandalism results in an instant permanent ban.
  • Do not edit other members' profiles. If they need to edit something, they can do it themselves.
  • Do not harass other members.
  • Do not spam. Spam will result in a 3-day ban. Spam includes posting random, off-topic, unnecessary things to articles.
  • Making frivolous, asinine edits to articles for the sake of gaining badges will result in a 1-day ban per frivolous edit.
  • If an admin asks you for your age, you are obliged to answer the question. Refusing to do so will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Picture/File Upload Rules

  • Do not upload anything to the wiki that isn't to be used in an article.
  • Do not upload screenshots that are cropped or are from a video of the game.
    • If there's no obstructions and the screenshot is high quality, exceptions can be made, however annotations must be disabled, there can't be any facecam, and the video progression bar must be lowered before the screenshot is taken. Do not crop an image to get rid of any of these obstructions, make sure they're gone first. Otherwise, the image will not be accepted, and if you upload it, it will be deleted.
  • Do not upload duplicate images to the wiki. Check first.
  • If you want to use a picture not on the wiki in your profile or for discussion, upload it to an external site. Sites like Photobucket and Imgur are free and easy to use.

Editing Rules and Guidelines

  • Use only "Downfall" to refer to the remake, as the wiki is centered around that game. If you need to refer to the original game, put "Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game."
  • Remember to always use a character's full name first when they're mentioned and then their chosen nickname after that. If you're not sure what their full name is, look at their page. In the case of Dr. Frank Zellman, he would be mentioned by that name upon first instance, and would be referred with Doctor Z in every instance afterwards. He would, however, never be referred to as any other name but Dr. Frank Zellman or Doctor Z, as he's never referred to as such throughout Downfall.
  • Be sure to thoroughly read an article before you edit it. The information you are about to add may already be there.
  • Images should only be at the top of a page, in an infobox if possible, or in the gallery section below. They should never appear in the content space alongside text. This is not Wikipedia.
  • Do your best to have proper grammar and spelling when editing articles.
  • Do not create new articles without permission from an admin.
  • Do not create new categories without permission from an admin.
  • Do not add duplicate files to the articles.
  • An admin's word on an edit is final. Any attempts to disobey this rule will result in a 24-hour ban. Further attempts will result in longer bans, including a permanent ban if it is deemed necessary.