Sophie Cheauvair is the main antagonist of Downfall. She is the kidnapper of Ivy, Joe's wife.

Personality Edit

Sophie is described by the Manageress to be a big lady who is quite the charmer and very sweet. Sophie's personality differs between her four memories but she is generally shown to be a depressed, hopeless romantic who is self-conscious of her weight to the point of self-harm and feeling deserving of physical abuse. The youngest incarnation of Sophie describes herself as sane and the other three as raving lunatics.

It is possible Sophie is a personification of Joe's psychopathy or Ivy's eating disorder.

Memories Edit

Four memories of Sophie are present throughout the hotel, each incarnation becoming sicker than the last. All incarnations of Sophie are seen wearing masks.

Young Sophie Edit

Young Sophie is found in Room 102 of the first floor, sitting on a chair and wearing a mask and dress while rocking back and forth in the fetal position. The room she is encountered in is completely covered in mirrors, a room that is also shown in The Cat Lady. She is the first memory to be discovered and explains to Joe what needs to be done in order to save his wife from Sophie's later memories, insisting that she should be killed first, preferably in a painless manner.

Young Sophie dies by lethal injection, either by herself or by Joe Davis. Regardless of the poison Joe has selected or whether he accepts to inject Young Sophie or not, she dies a painful death, leaving behind her dress.

Fat Sophie Edit

Fat Sophie is the second incarnation of Sophie found in the bathroom on the third floor with her stomach cut open, surrounded by versions of herself killed in various other ways. If approached, she will tell Joe that he will never find Ivy as she is hers now. If Joe attempts to strangle her, she will mock Joe by repeating what Ivy said about getting a cat earlier in their life.

Fat Sophie is killed by a chain reaction of turning on the gas supply in the basement, turning on the stove in the bathroom, causing it to release gas, and offering Harrison a cigarette. Agnes suggests smoking in the bathroom to prevent sprinklers from going off, causing an explosion that kills both Harrison and Sophie.

Despite appearing to be an older version of Sophie than Adult Sophie, Fat Sophie's death takes precedence.

Adult Sophie Edit

Adult Sophie is the third memory of Sophie found in Function Room A on the third floor, crying at one of the tables at the end of the room. She had just turned 18 years old, the function room serving as a banquet hall for her birthday party, but is nonetheless in despair over being rejected by Harrison. This memory of Sophie seems obsessively in love with Harrison despite how he treats her; she is firm on the idea that she is truly in love and refuses to believe otherwise. After the player kills Harrison, Sophie and the remains of Harrison's corpse will have disappeared from the third floor.

She is later found in Harrison's room on the second floor with his corpse, stating that she has come to an agreement with him that will make him never want to leave her again. Ultimately, Adult Sophie reveals that she as insane as the youngest memory of Sophie suggested.

Adult Sophie is killed by drinking a toxic smoothie consisting of a human head, castor oil, gin, human fat, and cannabis (rat poison in the original game). This results in Sophie feeling discomfort in her stomach followed by excruciating pain until she finally voids her body of her innards and collapses on the floor.

Inhuman Sophie Edit

Inhuman Sophie is found in an illusion of Joe and Ivy's dream house on the fourth floor, sitting on a couch in the smoke-filled living room of the house. She cannot be interacted with and does nothing except stare at Joe if approached but does block the way to the rest of the house. Once Joe has obtained the fire axe, Sophie escapes into the cellar of the apartment building on Helen Road.

Inhuman is killed by merciless mutilation using a chainsaw at the hands of Joe and is the final memory before Joe is able to liberate Ivy from a mirror where she has been imprisoned.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The original 2009 version of Downfall has a 'final-boss' Sophie hiding in the Twilight Lounge mirror, holding Ivy captive. The mirror now only holds the corpse of Ivy.
    • This was due to negative feedback on the boss-fight from its clunky controls and overall shift of tone compared to the rest of the game.

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