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    Here's the unfinished list of items from the original 2009 version of Downfall.

    Name Image Description Acquirement


    Last cigarette... I should save it for later.

    Appears in Joe's pockets by default.


    It's a menu for the hotel's dining room.

    Can be acquired from the trolley in the reception room.

    Room Key 101

    It's the key to room 101.

    Can be acquired from the Receptionist after renting a room.

    Piece of Toast

    A piece of dry toast.

    Can be acquired next to the breakfast tray on the first floor.


    Examining this item only makes Joe read it. Click this text to read it.

    Can be acquired from the Receptionist after talking to her.


    It stinks...

    Can be acquired from the dining room table.


    Now be a good cat and give me back that key... Aaauch!..…

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  • Cridone

    Due to not receiving any opposition to the Devil Came Through Here wiki in the past 3 months the previous post has been up, I've decided that I'll do it, however I'll wait until Lorelai comes out before working on the Devil Came Through Here wiki at all. This might seem extreme, but I feel working on everything before Lorelai is out will mess things up, and I'd rather make the entire wiki with all three games in mind instead of doing everything loosely.

    So, to repeat, I'll do everything from scratch for the Devil Came Through Here wiki once Lorelai comes out and I can get everything down. Until then, I'll continue to administer this wiki and edit things appropriately. Note that while a Devil Came Through Here wiki is already up, I only have…

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  • Cridone

    Idea for a new wiki

    October 13, 2016 by Cridone

    I'm sorry if this is rather rough and dirty, I'm not the best at writing posts like this.

    For the past year or so, I've kind of had the idea of making a wiki for the Downfall, The Cat Lady, and Lorelai universe as I feel that would be much better as opposed to a wiki for each game, which separates all the information.

    Here's an example; I think having one wiki for both Half-Life and Portal (referring to the Combine Overwiki, if you don't know) is a stupid idea because even if they're in the same universe, Valve really doesn't do much with that fact and you would be better off having a Half-Life wiki that touches on say, the Borealis and then a Portal wiki that touches lightly on Half-Life stuff.

    The Devil Came Through Here trilogy, however, a…

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  • Cridone

    Since I'm going to update the soundtrack page for the 2015 soundtrack, I will put the old page for the 2009 soundtrack in this little blog post for now to thank those who helped work on it. It might go somewhere else in the future, but for now it will be here.

    Thanks to Marcio Ashworth and an Anonymous Wikia Contributor for editing the original soundtrack page!

    This is a list of the soundtrack for Downfall 2009 which was included with the game when Downfall 2009 was released free.
    • 1. Killing Memories
      This is the track that plays when the player starts a new game. It ends with the Downfall logo being splattered with blood. It spans 48 seconds.

    • 2. Dead Bird's Song
      This is one of the default themes that plays through the game in certain scenes. It …

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  • Cridone

    Quick Notice

    February 3, 2016 by Cridone

    You may notice me going on a deletion spree, and for which I'm putting up this quick notice just to say that I am simply trying to get the wiki in better shape upon the release of Downfall. After the release, I'll decide whether to put the pages back up or not depending on their contents.


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