Due to not receiving any opposition to the Devil Came Through Here wiki in the past 3 months the previous post has been up, I've decided that I'll do it, however I'll wait until Lorelai comes out before working on the Devil Came Through Here wiki at all. This might seem extreme, but I feel working on everything before Lorelai is out will mess things up, and I'd rather make the entire wiki with all three games in mind instead of doing everything loosely.

So, to repeat, I'll do everything from scratch for the Devil Came Through Here wiki once Lorelai comes out and I can get everything down. Until then, I'll continue to administer this wiki and edit things appropriately. Note that while a Devil Came Through Here wiki is already up, I only have it up so no one stole it and to be ready per se, so I don't recommend editing it at all yet.

Anyway, let's hope development for Lorelai will be smooth and we'll get to play it by the end of this year or the beginning of next year, I really can't wait cause once the Devil Came Through trilogy is over, I wonder what Remigiusz M. will do next!

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