I'm sorry if this is rather rough and dirty, I'm not the best at writing posts like this.

For the past year or so, I've kind of had the idea of making a wiki for the Downfall, The Cat Lady, and Lorelai universe as I feel that would be much better as opposed to a wiki for each game, which separates all the information.

Here's an example; I think having one wiki for both Half-Life and Portal (referring to the Combine Overwiki, if you don't know) is a stupid idea because even if they're in the same universe, Valve really doesn't do much with that fact and you would be better off having a Half-Life wiki that touches on say, the Borealis and then a Portal wiki that touches lightly on Half-Life stuff.

The Devil Came Through Here trilogy, however, actually embraces the fact it's all in the same universe and you have recurring characters and events, something that I think makes having one wiki that covers all three games a better idea.

I wasn't really sure if I wanted to make the wiki because the universe didn't really have a name back then (Helen Road would've worked I guess, but that's a stretch and I wanted to wait), but now it does. If you don't know, it's called the "Devil Went Through Here" trilogy.

So, I'm making this blog post to ask if you guys (what people are here anyway) think of this idea? If the wiki is made, my idea is to make this wiki redirect to, and The Cat Lady wiki will also redirect to there if the owner of the wiki is alright with that.

If people are okay with this idea, I'm not sure when this "move" is gonna happen as I have things coming up IRL, but I'll try getting back to wiki stuff in a week.

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