This is a list of the voice actors in Downfall.

Jesse Gunn Edit

Jesse Gunn, also known under his music label Warmer, is the voice actor of Joe Davis and provided most of the outsourced music for Downfall. Jesse also provided music for Remigiusz Michalski's previous game, The Cat Lady.

Jesse also happens to be in a relationship with Tina Beaudry, the voice actress of Agnes.

Isa And Edit

Isa And, also known as Chisaleya, is the voice actress of Ivy Davis.

Tina Beaudry Edit

Voice actress of Agnes and Young Ivy.

Jordan Sailors Edit

Jordan Sailors, also known as Joey Kat, is the voice actress of the Manageress.

Emily Hanley Edit

Emily J. Hanley, also known online as IndieVA, is a british voice actress from the United Kingdom, who provides the voice for Young Sophie. Starring in Downfall was her first break in the industry, and she is determined to make sure this will lead her into more voice acting roles in the near future.

Anairis Quinones Edit

Voice actress of Adult Sophie.

David Firth Edit

Voice actor of Frank Zellman.

Remigiusz Michalski Edit

Main article: Remigiusz Michalski

Voice actor of Fat Sophie and The Voice of Madness

ThatInsaneDane Edit

Voice actor of Harrison.

Adam Rosenbaum Edit

Voice actor of Young Joe.

Ethan Rosenbaum Edit

Voice actor of Robbie Davis.

Margaret Cowen Edit

Voice actress of The Queen of Maggots.

Lynsey Frost Edit

Voice actress of Susan Ashworth.

Brittany Williams Edit

Voice actress of Mitzi Hunt.

Alan Humphries Edit

Voice actor of Brady.

Daveosity, NicoB, CryaoticEdit

Daveosity, NicoB, and Cryaotic were the voice actors of the voices inside the coffins.

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